Meet MOLO®

We have spent four years cooperating with the largest manufacturers of offshore wind turbine foundations in Europa to optimize the fabrication process for floating offshore wind.

The result is MOLO®: A patented floating platform for offshore wind turbines developed by the Clovers team.

A version of the floater made to support the IEA 15 MW reference turbine



In order to achieve instant maturity, we have based MOLO® on the classic semi-submersible floater design and optimized it for FOW with standard design elements.


We have systematically removed fabrication complexity by only allowing serial production friendly solutions. Lean design principles are at the core of the concept.


MOLO® scales comfortably with turbine size while cost/power ratio drops. Current studies show capacity to support WTG’s well above 20 MW.

Structural design

The central column of the floater connects directly to the WTG tower. This continous connection ensure excellent compatibility between the structural parts. Similarly, the wing modules joins with the center column through the upper and lower flanges giving a very efficient, simple, and light connection.

Buoyancy and stability

Buoyancy and stability are provided by the central column and two columns on each wing (7 in total). By having two columns on each wing, we manage to reduce their diameter below the threshold of automatic manufacturing. We can therfore achieve significant cost savings compared to large volume buoyancy bodies. An added benefit is the improved structural performance of the wings and geometric cancelation of hydrodynamic excitation forces.

Motion dampers

MOLO® uses flat regular stiffened panels instead of pontoons below water. This is a direct consequence of the serial production requirement. With the high complexity of the structural geometry a significant manual effort is required to build the pontoon which make it unsuitable for serial production. Regular stiffened flat panels, on the other hand, fit nicely with existing automated production facilities.

Floater performance

The motion characteristics of MOLO® is on par or even better than traditional semisubmersibles. Also, by changing the width and length of the lower stiffened panel the designer can tune the hydrodynamic added mass to suit site requirements.

Approval in Principle